Artist Statement

Friends and Neighbors “Atlanta Stay Light” Day Fest
In collaboration with Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, Arbitrary Living presents Friends and Neighbors event series. Friends and Neighbors is a mini boutique festival and day party celebrating southern hospitality, public art and creative commerce. This online festival will include laughing yoga, chakra aligning comedians, DJs, tarot, mental health convos and a hilarious host.


Artist Bio

Arbitrary Living was founded as a vintage and handmade housewares retail organization in 2013. They began event production as well as creating art installations and curated markets with colorful and distinct pieces in 2014 and quickly made a name for ourselves. To keep up with demand, they founded Arbitrary Living Agency offering skills in social media, branding, art installations and event production in 2018.

creates space for nourishing gatherings around social justice and dialogue, as well as events that serve to gather diverse community together in green spaces.