Artist Statement

An address to those times it may feel as if we barely have our heads above water and the pressure of life can make us feel as if we’re drowning. A reminder for us to stay strong and weather the storm. In those moments we happen to feel completely under water- there’s valuable lessons and beauty below the surface.

This mural was painted as part of BeltLine Walls, Vol. 2 and festival on August 4, 2019 on the interim Northeast Trail where it passes under I-85.


Artist Bio

As an artist, Eugene is responsible to his community, which begins with being honest to himself. Several years ago, he stepped back from his work to realize it was not telling his own story. He realized he was being guarded with his art and not letting anyone else in. Recently his work has organically become more personal. He realized a lot of concerns he felt were shared among other men, primarily that of need to appear strong. With his work he addresses topics such as misplaced masculinity and given the alternatives of what is really strong and weak. According to Eugene, it is not time to change the narrative of what a man is, but to add to it and enhance the definition. His work provokes emotion and asks the viewer to contemplate and work and leave with a residue.