Artist Statement

This design shows the spirit of earth rising from the ashes like a phoenix, asking the viewer to
abandon fear and replace it with love. She’s blowing leaves from her hands as symbols of change
and renewal.


Artist Bio

Brandon Sadler (b.1986), a native ATLien, earned a BFA in Painting and Illustration from SCAD Atlanta and is a multi-disciplinary artist, calligrapher, film director, and writer. Sadler is renowned for his public mural works and his solo and group exhibitions have brought him accolades as one of Atlanta’s most prolific artists collected by individuals as well as the High Museum of Art. He has shared his knowledge through art education with non-profit organizations such as One Love Generation, performing community outreach with The Creatives Project, creating and conducting courses at SCAD-Atlanta, and giving lectures at Morehouse College. Sadler’s aesthetic interests have been informed by his involvement within American graffiti and street art cultures, which formed the beginnings of his artistic process. The influences of Japanese woodblock prints, Anime, Chinese calligraphy, and other Asian art forms have impacted his cultural perspective and greatly influenced his unique style. The resulting imagery speaks to a universal human condition through a narrative style encrypted with symbolism, text, and decorative elements. By exploring broad themes relating to societal conditions, he exposes man’s battle with himself, society, and nature.