Artist Statement

A Resting Place is an exciting exploration of how two artists with very different aesthetics can interpret and express the pulse of life in Atlanta, and how that can interact with the natural landscape. Kyle Brooks and Molly Rose Freeman took cues from the natural landscape of the trails—the foliage, the contours of the hills, the sky overhead—as well as the rhythm and character of the people that walk and bike the Atlanta BeltLine every day, to create this piece.


Artist Bio

Kyle Brooks attended Milligan College and East Tennessee University where he studied photography and graphic design. Painting has been his main art medium for a long time. In the past, he has focused mainly on acrylic on canvas and wood. He has lived in Atlanta most of his life, except for a short stay in Alaska and the mountains of eastern Tennessee. He communicates with the people of Atlanta through street art, finding old signs and materials, reusing them, and creating positive new art to go back on the street. He shares his bright colors and positive statements with all who will read them, and has a talent for making people smile with his creations. He is a veteran Art on the Atlanta BeltLine artist, as his work has been making Atlanta BeltLine visitors happy since 2011. Molly Rose Freeman uses geometric forms to investigate patterns that reappear on micro, macro, and human levels. Freehand drawing is at the heart of her process – she builds complex organic forms from basic linear connections and contort the shapes to mirror the natural processes of growth and change. She is also interested in the presence of geometric patterns in sacred spaces throughout history and culture, and how they can be used to create similar spaces of heightened consciousness within the urban landscape. She has painted large-scale public works in cities around the world, including work with: Living Walls, Art Basel Miami Beach, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Emory University, and the Asheville Mural Project, among others.