Artist Statement

The Atlanta BeltLine in its essence, historically and contemporarily, has served as a means of transition from one place to the next. Today its function still remains, but has expanded into a grounds for connection, community, and culture sharing. This mural celebrates this growing dynamic. The artist’s aim with this new mural is to continue the work established by the current mural and all those who have come down the Atlanta BeltLine, by creating a space for people to connect and be immersed in the moment.


Artist Bio

A native of Atlanta, Brandon Sadler’s unique approach to illustration and calligraphy has garnered the attention of galleries and media alike culminating in an ever-growing body of work and a place in the contemporary collection of the High Museum. Sadler is renowned for his public mural works and his solo exhibitions have brought him praise as one of Atlanta’s most prolific artists.

Sadler’s aesthetic interests have been informed by his involvement in American graffiti and street art culture, which formed the beginnings of his artistic process. The influences of Japanese Ukiyo-e, calligraphy, and other Asian art forms have impacted his aesthetic interests and greatly influenced his unique artistic style. He also channels symbols, patterns, and narratives from indigenous cultures from his own ancestry and from around the world. Often, the resulting imagery speaks to a universal human condition through a narrative style encrypted with symbolism, text, and decorative elements.

Sadler’s transformation of these cultures illustrates perfectly, the universality of art and its ability to activate the individual and the community. Brandon has shown this to be true with his involvement in public mural projects, arts education, and community outreach.