Artist Statement

Contemporary music ensemble Bent Frequency presents a bicycle centric concert, featuring Mauricio Kagel’s Eine Brise for 111 cyclists, Matthias Kaul’s Wheeled for 5 bicycles and the world premiere of Klimchak’s Pied Piper of the Ether  for saxophone, percussion and bicycle-powered theremin. Performers include Bent Frequency’s Jan Berry Baker and Stuart Gerber, Klimchak and percussionists and cyclists from the Atlanta community.

October 11 @ 5:30 p.m


Artist Bio

Hailed as “one of the brightest new music ensembles on the scene today” by Gramophone magazine, Bent Frequency is a performance ensemble possessing a vision to redefine the traditional music experience – ushering it from the strict formality of the concert hall into the fresh air of contemporary artistic expression and experimentation. Founded in 2003, the group brings the avant-garde music tradition to life through adventurous programming, the promotion of New Music, and a creative synthesis of music and media. At the heart of the ensemble is the unparalleled musicianship of the Bent Frequency performers, an eclectic mix of the most adventurous and impassioned players from the greater Atlanta area. This includes musicians from the Atlanta Symphony, Opera and Ballet, as well as Atlanta’s fertile independent music community. As an ensemble-in-residence at Georgia State University, Bent Frequency has become the most active and visible contemporary music ensemble in the Southeast.