Artist Statement

Imagine, along the path in the distance rises a giant seven pointed star standing four times your size. You stop just as the sun passes perfectly through the center of the star! This amazing sculpture stands gazing upon you. This epic artifact was first created for Burning Man in 2012 and has never been seen anywhere else until now! Imagine a great place to reflect on the day, stop and catch your breath and meetup with friends on the beltline! The Time Star is a community built and driven monument to the seven days of the week. The Star will be placed on the pathway so that the sunshine creates shadows of light on the ground around it. The overall vision is to make a zone, created by the local community, by participation in the workshops and installing the art piece and then adding the newly fabricated bench system that creates a resting, meeting and performance space for the public at large. Next, a major opening will take place around the sculpture that includes performances by fire performers, musicians, and amazing interactive flame effects from the star! This project will enhance the art spirit of the Atlanta community for years to come!