Artist Statement

This mural steps back from the artist’s typical commentary to blend a love for bold pop art characters and nostalgia for 80s design styles.


Artist Bio

Local Atlanta muralist with 13 years of painting walls. From Milledgville GA and moved to Atlanta to attend art school. Received a BFA in Visual communications focusing on graphic design. Realized I hated looking at computers that long I got into painting graffiti. From that I learned I enjoyed painting large scale. Started taking commissions for murals and here I am. I’ve lived on the Beltline for years. Walking it even before it was paved painting under the bridges. So I would really like to paint a mural for the project. My career as an artist over the past year has gotten kind of crazy winning Creative Loafings best mural, painting for Outer Space Project and Forward Warrior. I’d really like to keep the momentum going and create an awesome piece for The Beltline and the city I love.